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Welcome to Algebra I!

Check out the Help section for assistance with exponents!

If you are interested in Extra Credit, see the options below.

Course Documents

Below are links to the documents given out the first day.

Parent Letter


Student Contract

Text Alerts

To keep instantly updated on homework and projects, subscribe to my new TextMark feature!  You can receive alerts (text messages) on your mobile phone as soon as I send them!  Just send a text message to 41411 with SUBSCRIBE STEINPS in it, or subscribe online at:

What’s my grade?

Check your grades in every class using NNPS’s Parent Assistant.  Don’t have a username and password?  Your parent or guardian needs to come to Woodside’s Guidance Office to register for one.

Want some extra credit?

1) Buy 4 AAA Batteries, a box of Tissues, or a package of Pencils at the store of your choice.  (Note: Batteries must be in original packaging.)

2) Give them to Ms. Stein with your name on them.

3) You will earn 4 points of extra credit for each set of batteries (up to 12), 2 points for a box of tissue (up to 2), and/or 3 points for a package of pencils (up to 6). These points will be added to the Test portion of your grade.

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